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My favourite thing to do is to get lost in a book, it can calm you down, cheer you up when you need it, spark a conversation, and you can travel around the world just by reading a book!

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The Brotherhood of Olympus and the Deadliest Game

The Brotherhood of Olympus and the Deadliest Game (Book 1) - Guy T. Simpson Jr. I have to start off saying that I loved this book! It was so refreshing to read a book from a male point of view, and particularily a younger male, you don't see it that often enough. Drake is 13 years old and has only brothers in the family, and they arre very close to their Uncle as well as he is the same age as the older brothers, so they have grown up together. There is a tragedy that hits the family very hard, and everyone seems to be drifting apart trying to grieve in their own separate ways, but Drake figures out that he has some things that he is able to do that would not be on the "normal" spectrum of human capabilities, and with this and some help from his brothers he sets out to try and save his family.One of my favourite parts of this book was the real focus on family, and how important it is to us. I loved all the characters in this book, and could relate to pretty much all of them for different reasons. Also Guy is an artist and I really loved the pictures he put at the beginning of each chapter and if you pay attention to them they do give you an even better reading experience if that is possible.I highly recommend this book to anyone, even though the character is only 13, at no point did I feel that I was reading a book for a younger crowd (I am 32), and furthermore I have had reading experiences in the past where I felt that the author was almost purposly writing for a younger crowd like they felt that kids would not get the story, which is a pet peeve, and by no means did Guy do that here which is refreshing!