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My favourite thing to do is to get lost in a book, it can calm you down, cheer you up when you need it, spark a conversation, and you can travel around the world just by reading a book!

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Masquerade - Rivka Spicer First off, I am quite happy to say that Masquerade is not your typical vampire novel, and that pleases me immensely! There were aspects of the personalities and how they lived that were similar to the vampire folklore, but it was the plot of the novel that really drew me in, and kept me wanting to read more.I really enjoyed the characters and their personalities. There was one thing that happened with Ocean that to me really did seem way out of character for her that did turn me off of her a little, but I was able to get over it by the end. I really enjoyed Tristan as well, he had a perfect vampire personality for me, I don't like the "sensitive" vampire type, and he definitely is not. There are a lot of other characters in the novel as well, and I really like how they all interacted together, made this read even better for me.I only had one other thing with this book that I was hoping had gone differently, there is a build up to a major event, and I just wish that there was more written on that event, more details provided, I feel like there was a lot of build up and that it just kinda flew by like it was not as big as the build up had made it to be, and if there was more of the event, then possibly the ending would have been a little different and a bit more of a cliff hanger which I really enjoy when it comes to being part of a series.Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and am excited to read the next one in the series for sure, I give this a 3.5 out of 5!